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Plow Talent For A Better Future

The entire African sub-continent, including West Africa, has an abundance of natural and human resource, but lacks the methodology to utilize some of the best minds present in this industry. With increasing awareness about newer trends in this sector, this region is seeing a growing demand for skilled labor. The labor and skills are scattered across the region and need the right personnel to tap into it, for you.

Global Profilers is your one-stop solution to tapping the right potential in a growing market economy. With first-hand experience in specialized end to end recruitment approach, we help in hiring the best minds in the industry for your organization. Our highly skilled recruitment team customizes bespoke solutions for your company to match your requirements and offers the uncompromised quality of candidates.

We understand the need to largely formalize a widely informal agriculture recruitment sector. With many employment sections in the agriculture sector, we offer top-class local resources working to streamline the recruitment process.

Global Profilers offers you-
• Customized permanent and contract recruitment services, recruitment process outsourcing, expat hiring and much more.
• Strong internal database of candidates in the African continent provides you with the right skill for the right job.
• Access to major job boards across the African continent and West African countries.
• Specialized recruitment strategies (headhunting) for specific skills.
Global Profilers understands the unique hiring challenges in the agriculture sector and aims at providing you with viable solutions that help build a better organization.
Most common demands include-
Executive level hiring, forestry management, commercial forestry, finance, business management, plantation management, farming, environmental studies, technicians, sales and marketing, project management, and expat recruitment.