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Telecom has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the African telecom industry is no different. The telecommunication industry in Africa is growing manifold with multiple players and active competition currently in place. With more than 82 million mobile users in Africa (source: Africa Business) there is dire need to address the users expectation with the right talent pool required to maintain the business.

The market potential has grown exponentially making this sector climb the ladder pretty swiftly. Global Profilers is your one-stop connection to every talent acquisition and human resource strategies in Africa. With a global market exposure and a great cross-boundary network, we assist you in identifying the right talent from a gamut of people and get them on board.

Our team of recruitment specialists understand the challenges that the telecom sector faces today and tries to address your business objectives keeping those in purview. With a strong engineering and telecommunications background, we not only grasp the technical skills but also help in identifying business management skills required for a business to function smoothly.

Right from project managers to cluster managers, SCM specialists, data management specialists, legal and litigation experts, analytic experts and much more, we have the right strategies to help you hire the right talent.
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