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Think Renewables. Think Global Profilers.

There is nothing more important than to garner the right skill to utilise the growing demands in the solar energy sector in Africa. If you have the zeal to spread your wings, we have the devises to help you to do that. Africa has an abundance of solar and natural resources that are one of the highest amongst any continent, by virtue of being the sunniest continent on Earth.

To harness the true potential of this energy sector, it is vital to develop a team of specialists and personnel who understand the elementary requirements of this industry. With evolving technology, the need to evolve the current workforce has also become imperative.

To meet this growing and structured demand, Global Profilers has become one of the most influential talent acquisition and human resource firm in the African sub-continent. With a highly skilled team of recruitment and HR professionals, we present concrete and well-thought-out processes that enable you to build a strong organization.

The applications of renewable energy technology have the potential to alleviate many problems of the African continent; what is missing is the right approach to reach that level. We provide you with permanent and temporary staffing solutions that are important to make your business more scalable.

We offer you with-
• A strong internal database of candidates matching your requirement.
• Access to major job boards across all African countries.
• Local resources to help you with the right talent from a pool of skilled employees.
• Evaluation of profiles to align with your business objectives.
• Deep understanding of the job market to help you tap into potential candidates, easily.

From Project Managers to Technicians, Drilling specialists, Petro physicists, Petroleum Engineers, process engineers, Corrosion Engineers, Instrumentation specialists, Field specialists, simulation engineers, and much more we have offer custom-made solutions to garner the right talent, every time.

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