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It has been projected that Africa’s Oil and Gas consumption is set to increase by 50% over the next 20 years, whereas the global consumption is only meted at 20% (Source: Business Sweden). To meet this growing demand of oil and gas, locally and globally, there is a need to streamline business developments, financial restructuring as well as a human resource and talent acquisition processes.

Oil and Gas industry have made headway in this past decade with multiple drilling and oil excavation sites being developed rapidly on the coastal parts of Africa. To harness the right talent, you need to build a strong internal team that specializes in various facets of organizational development via structured hiring processes.
Global Profilers, your ‘Glocal’ (local and global) strategic HR and Recruitment arm, helps you with all challenges unique to this sector. The seemingly simple aspects can actually turn out to be crucial in your business growth in the future. As your talent expert, our team of recruitment specialists provides you with feasible solutions that are important to turn your business working around.

This approach implies not only while deciding the operational turn-around of your company but also while hiring the right talent. We have a highly developed recruitment team that helps you with-
• Getting access to all the major job boards in every African country.
• Strong internal database of skilled candidates procured from every country in Africa.
• Customized talent pooling to meet your current and future demands.
• In-depth interview evaluations to help you hire the right talent.
With access to multiple international networks, we provide you with bespoke talent acquisition solutions tailored just for you.

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