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You don’t build a business- YOU BUILD PEOPLE- and then people build the business
Zig Ziglar

Profilers Group strategically conceived three companies that operate on different working modules, catering to specific aspects of recruitment and staffing, globally. The brand companies include – HR Mind, Petroprofiler and Globalprofilers, each having a strong international presence.

Each of our group companies capitalize on one another’s strengths and expertise based on the geographical presence and the local resources. This supports us in shaping and understanding the requirements of our clients seamlessly.



Petroprofiler concentrates on adding value based services and solutions for the entire spectrum of the Energy sector, globally. Our robust in-house recruitment and research function applies state-of-the-art recruitment m… more

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Globalprofilers caters to the entire gamut of local and international companies based out of African continent. The group company specializes in providing dedicated services that range from executive hiring to staffing t… more

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HR Mind is a specialized search division of Profilers Group concentrating on providing boutique of HR services across niche markets. Whether it is Engineering or Information Technology, HR Mind provides comprehensive ser… more

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