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Extracting The Right Talent

Mining is a huge part of the commerce and trade in Africa and an important source of income. With large pockets of this industry spread in mining Iron ore, Gold, Diamonds, and Uranium, there is an equally important part spread in hiring the right talent to direct this growth unconditionally. The mining industry has seen tremendous growth, in both operational and technical innovation, in the past decade.

Global Profilers provides in-depth study and analysis of the mining industry, focusing on the skill and technical knowledge that is needed in individuals to carry out a job with perfection. We understand the conspicuous challenges that is faced by the mining industry to organize skilled hires to do the job and this is where we come into play.

We present to you viable solutions that are aimed at presenting the best hands in the industry to develop your mining business and bring it on a global platform.

While there is a need for ascertaining the labor that is required to carry out the job, there is also a dire need to address the different roles that are required to make your organization a success.

Right from skilled drill operators to administrators, diversity inclusion, senior executives to directors, mine managers to plant managers, warehouse and logistics, rigging superintendents to workshop personnel, etc. there is a huge internal database of candidates that you can access.

Our team of experts specializes in –
• Looking for the right candidate from every job board, company, internal networks, social networks, and much more.
• Pre-qualifying and evaluating the candidate to match your requirement.
• Cross-collaboration with you to assess the candidate’s placement in your organization.
• Evaluate the candidates based on the parameters set by the industry and your organization and apply the same in recruiting the best minds in the industry for you.
For every crucial step that is required to make a change, Global Profilers is your go-to human resource and talent acquisition consultant to deliver that change to you!